Two different ROA questions


Haven’t used noids (knowingly) since high school when I got piss tested, being the responsible youth I was I went CT and discovered Spice. I quite liked it – me and some friends tried some blends a few years later. Never that much.

Did have one day in retrospect was super dangerous, did like 35 simultaneous waterfall bong thingies of the one after the first spice. Passed out alot – we all thought it was safe being teenagers and this a derivative of weed.

Knowing the dangers I’d still like to try a few of the modern ones.

I see alot of vaping, something I’m not a huge fan of. I feel like smoke gets in the lung walls plenty fine and especially some of these flavored mafs…

Anyway…I’ve seen mention of oral ROA which seems pretty nice.

I’ve seen the herb method similar to changa I presume which is a viable option for me – though I’d be paranoid of hotspots.

One I’m most curious about, something I’ve given up with on PCP analogues is DIPPERS.

You know, the crazy way Americans for whatever reason decided to consume phencyclidine?

(Seriously, when did this start? Why not dose orally lol?!)

But being a primate I of course want to do it to, at least once….would it be possible to dissolve a certain amount and dip ciggarettes?

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