The Real Truth

The Real Truth

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this IMAGE is NOT mine!
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Obama Mind Control Legacy

@ President Obama’s Change
President Obama Exposed
Obama lists assets worth up to $7mn

@ President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize
President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize Acceptance Speech from Oslo, Norway
“President Obama’s Nobel Prize is a big …..”

@ President Obama’s Promise to Close Gitmo
President Obama’s Promised to Close Gitmo by January 22nd, 2010
Can Nobel Prize Winner President Obama at least stop the torture?
Eight Years Later and We Are Still Counting
Alledged Murder at Guantánamo’s Camp No, Cover-Up by Bush and Obama
Frozen or Forgotten Promise?
9/11 trial censorship? Gitmo court feed cut
‘Invisible hand’ in US cuts off media feed of Gitmo trials, baffling judge
Doctors ask Obama to let them treat Guantanamo prisoners

@ President Obama on Afghanistan Issue
Obama’s Afghanistan Escalation
Rethink Afghanistan
Afghan War Diary by Wikileaks
Kill team photos of children
‘DU destroying Afghans’ gene pool’
‘World eternally contaminated by US DU’
Inside The Kandahar Massacre …
Marines urinating on dead soldiers Taliban
US forces rape women in northern Afghanistan village
Afghans furious at Bales plea bargain
Ex-commander says UK troops pointlessly massacred Afghans

@ President Obama on Palestine
Gaza War Lies Vs. Facts

@ President Obama on Israel
Obama, AIPAC, Israel & Illegal Settlements
“We, the Jewish people control America, …"
The best Congress AIPAC can buy

@ President Obama’s on Iraq
Collateral Murder
Collateral Murder Video
Iraq Body Count
Casualties in Iraq
Iraqi death researcher censured
US, a leading terrorist state in world: Chomsky

@ President Obama’s on Haiti
Devastation of Haiti’s Earthquake
Big oil behind Haiti quake!

@ President Obama on Syria
WHY SYRIA? The Obama, Hilary Lucifer Clinton PIPELINE WARS!
US-led West helping bloodthirsty murderers in Syria: Analyst
Syria Government: USA May Be Trying To Frame Us Over Chemical Weapons

Wake Up America!

The Worldwide Network of US Military Bases

Earth: 248 armed conflicts after WW2; US started 201 (81%), killing 30 million

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