Static Movement & Aho – Research Chemicals

🔈 🎧 Static Movement & Aho – Research Chemicals, 2017
Antu Records is proud to present the second full-length album
from our progressive psytrance artist, Aho. Inspired and dedicated to our grandparents, we call the ancient voice of our ancestral ancestors to keep us guiding on this path called life. Raising their prayers and traditions, not let us forget the sacredness in us and our ancestral culture, the one we must thank, remember and praise in our daily life. Let us never forget our indigenous root of the original peoples, and keep listening to the call of the ancestral knowledge to be happier every day and be more connected to our mother earth, Pachamama. Aho Metakiases

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This channel was opened in March 2013 with the purpose to promote the Psy-Trance artists & spread their awe-inspiring music worldwide! It features all the latest from your favorite artists and projects, and also revive classic tracks and albums from the past, every once in a while. I founded this channel for the love I have for Psytrance – a genre I walk hand in hand with since before it was even created. since the era of the Dark ’80s, to Techno, Goa Trance & to today’s style.
I live & breathe Psytrance & I dedicate this channel to those who share the same love!



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