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Buy Methylstenbolone Online. Methylstenbolone is touted as a key prohormone to get your hands on if you’re aiming to up the ante on your strength, size, and mass. However, if you’re still not that convinced that this is an option that you should really go for, make sure you follow along to get the lowdown on this prohormone that’s considered a star in the bodybuilding world these days.


Methylstenbolone Overview |. Buy Methylstenbolone Online

Chemical Name: 2,17α-dimethyl-5α-and osta-1-en-17β-ol-3-one
Other Name(s): Methyl-Sten, M-Sten, and Ultradrol
Half Life: 8- 9 hours

Methylstenbolone (M-Sten) is a methylated oral anabolic steroid with several benefits and a few side effects. It is one of the most promising prohormones to help you achieve your strength, size, and mass gain goals. However, precautionary measures should be taken when cycling with M-Sten, followed by a PCT after completion of the cycle

If you’re still not sure that this is one of the best options that you should really go for, read on to get more details on this prohormone which is taking the bodybuilding world by storm these days.

For the ones who have never heard about Methylstenbolone, it is a prohormone derived from an androgen called Dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Its basic purpose is to provide size, mass, and strength gains to its users. Therefore, it helps you reach your bodybuilding goals easily and quickly.

Although it is different from most of the other anabolic steroids in terms of its dosing and composition, it still works effectively and produces significant anabolic effects in the body.  Moreover, it is considered to be more user-friendly and much safer than its counterpart Superdrol.

  • How does Methylstenbolone work?

Methylstenbolone is known for producing quick results. You are likely to witness significant changes in your strength and muscle mass within a few weeks into the cycle. Some of its users have claimed to experience lean muscle mass gains of about 25 pounds within a period of four weeks of its use.

You might be thinking that there are various other prohormones that provide similar benefits so what’s so special about this one. Well, interestingly, there are many properties that distinguish this prohormone from the rest. One of the most beneficial qualities of this anabolic steroid that is rarely found in other steroids is that it keeps the body safe from too much water retention. Even if water retention takes place, it’s very minimal. This basically means that this prohormone allows you to bulk up as much as you wish without fearing the risk of unwanted water retention.

Being a derivative of DHT, Methylstenbolone cannot convert into estrogen. This property of Methylstenbolone saves its users from many estrogenic side effects such as erectile dysfunction and infertility. However, a few side effects are still likely to occur. Due to this reason, it is highly recommended to go for on-cycle support while cycling with this prohormone as it would help you minimize its side effects. Going through a post cycle therapy is also necessary after using this anabolic steroid to normalize hormonal levels and restore overall health in the body.

Another great benefit of this prohormone is that does not have any affinity for progesterone receptors. For those who don’t know, progesterone receptors are similar to estrogen receptors and are responsible for the development of female secondary characteristics such as breasts and reproductive systems. Thus by not converting into estrogen and not binding with progesterone receptors, Methylstenbolone keeps its users safe from problems like prostate inflammation, urination difficulties, and erectile dysfunction.

Methylstenbolone was initially developed by Antaeus Labs. It was then released in the market with the name “Ultradrol.”  At that time, the anabolic steroid Superdrol was considered the king of prohormones in the bodybuilding world. No other anabolic steroid was anywhere close to it in terms of its popularity and effectiveness.

Ultradrol was formulated as an extremely powerful steroid that matched Superdrol and other powerful steroids in terms of bulking as well as strength, size, and mass gains. Despite this, it didn’t get the attention and appreciation it deserved. Then in early 2006, Superdrol was banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). After that Ultradrol began gaining popularity in the bodybuilding world and in a matter of only a few years it became one the most liked and appreciated anabolic steroids among bodybuilders and weightlifters. Many bodybuilders who gave it a shot claimed to witness impressive results in very little time.

  • Benefits of Methylstenbolone? Buy Methylstenbolone Online

There is a long list of benefits that you can expect to experience while cycling with this anabolic steroid. Let’s check out what this list includes:

  • It significantly boosts your strength levels and helps you train longer and harder. It helps you lengthen your workout sessions and shorten your breaks. By doing so, it ensures that you’re making the most out of your training sessions.
  • It helps you develop fuller muscles.
  • As it keeps its users safe from the risk of water retention, you can gain as much muscle mass as you want without losing definition.
  • It adds a considerable amount of size and mass to your muscles and gives you a more muscular look.

Based on customer reviews of Methylstenbolone, we have listed down some specific results that you are likely to witness when you add this anabolic steroid to your arsenal:

  • Cutting: Many users of Methylstenbolone report that they lost about 3 percent of body fat while gaining as much as 6 pounds of muscle mass when they cycled with it for 4 weeks. Some users have even reported to gain up to 20 pounds of muscle mass along with cutting at the same time.
  • Bulking: It is quite likely that you gain around 15 to 20 pounds of lean muscle mass by taking 12 mg dose of Methylstenbolone every day for 4 weeks. This anabolic steroid has become quite a star in the bodybuilding world for its ability to promote significant mass gains.
  • Re-comp: By taking a 12mg dose of Methylstenbolone every day for 4 weeks, users reported that they successfully eliminated about 2.2% of body fat while picking up 6 to 11 pounds of lean muscle simultaneously.

However, it is highly important to take care of your alcohol consumption, diet, and genetics while using this anabolic steroid as these factors have the potential to influence your chances of realizing the mass and strength goals that you’re struggling for.

  • Dosage Guidelines | Buy Methylstenbolone Online

Methylstenbolone is an oral steroid and can be taken as a standalone drug or it can be stacked with other prohormones Remember that it’s highly recommended that you start off with a low dose to judge the sensitivity or tolerance level of your body to this anabolic steroid.

Taking higher doses, in the beginning, can accumulate mineral corticoids and inhibit 11-beta hydroxylase in your body. In simpler words, it can put you at risk of higher water retention. This is something you surely want to keep yourself safe from, so follow the recommendations and keep the dose low.

The beginners are recommended to keep their cycle as short as 4 weeks. The experienced users, however, can prolong their cycle up to 6 weeks. The appropriate doses for both beginners and experienced users are given below:

For beginners: For experienced users:
Week 1: 4-8mg every day along with liver support Week 1:4-8mg per day with liver support
Weeks 2-3: 8mg every day along with liver support Weeks 2-3: 8-12mg per day with liver support
Weeks 4-8: Liver support and post cycle therapy (PCT) Week 4: 12-16mg per day with liver support
Weeks 5-9: Liver support and post cycle therapy (PCT)

Also, make sure that you drink plenty of water while taking this drug.  This would help you avoid muscle cramps.

This anabolic is fast-acting so most of the users begin to experience strength and mass gains within the first two weeks of the cycle.  It is due to the same reason that most of the users do not run their cycle for longer than four weeks.

Side Effects of Methylstenbolone? Buy Methylstenbolone Online

No matter how safe, all anabolic steroids come with a list of side effects that are expected to occur with their use. The same is the case with Methylstenbolone. Since it is a methylated prohormone, M-Sten does affect the liver and other internal organs.

Some of the common side effects of Methylstenbolone include:

  • Liver toxicity: Being a methylated compound and having strong resistance to being metabolized, Methylstenbolone has a high potential for making the liver toxic.  Due to its resistance, it leads to liver damage or inflammation.  In order to avoid this side effect of Methylstenbolone, the user must go for on-cycle support.  This will help him minimize the liver damage that might occur while using this prohormone.
  • Due to its high resistance to being metabolized, Methylstenbolone not only damages the liver but is also harmful to the kidney.  Some users report experiencing the darkening of urine during the cycle. This might be due to some elements that are not completely digested by the organs and end up combining with the urine.
  • Cycling with Methylstenbolone can cause severe headaches, especially during workout sessions.  As it instantly boosts your strength levels, the blood is distributed across the body with high pressure. This results in all kinds of body pain including headaches.  However, the severity of pain occurring due to a headache varies according to your pain tolerance when not under the influence of this prohormone.  If you have high pain tolerance, it is likely that you may not experience much pain due to headaches. The case is the opposite when you have low pain tolerance.
  • This prohormone boosts the production of estrogen in the body. If the user does not take on-cycle support, he may experience gynecomastia (enlarged breasts). In some cases, the estrogen settles on the breasts making the nipples itchy and painful. Thus, the best way to avoid such side effects is to go for on-cycle support.
  • Lethargy: While cycling with Methylstenbolone, your muscles won’t feel sore or tired. This will enable you to push your limits and train harder.  You will work out more frequently and increase the repetitions you do while weight-training. By doing so, you will gain a significant amount of muscle mass in very little time. However, once the effects of this prohormone wear off, you may experience extreme fatigue and drowsiness. Well, it is not that a big problem unless you’re a very busy person.

These are the common side effects that are expected to occur while cycling with Methylstenbolone. They might look scary but you don’t need to worry. They’re not that bad at all. In fact, many users don’t experience any of these side effects at all.

All you need to do is take proper on-cycle support and post cycle therapy. In this way, you can protect yourself from most or even all of the side effects of Methylstenbolone.

  • A Quick Rundown on a Methylstenbolone Cycle

If you’re planning to cycle with this prohormone and do not have enough information about how, when, and for how long to take it, you’re at the right place. We have compiled all the relevant information that will guide you about its dosage and cycling period.

  • On-cycle support: Why is it important? Buy Methylstenbolone Online

On-Cycle support is extremely important while cycling with Methylstenbolone.  This prohormone is one of the strongest drugs available in the market today and since it is methylated, it has the potential to cause severe liver toxicity. Furthermore, this anabolic steroid can lead to high blood pressure, an increase in cholesterol level, as well as strain on the endocrine system of your body. On-cycle support helps you minimize these side effects and saves you from much of the health damage that could occur otherwise.  We know that you don’t want to make any kind of compromises when it comes to your health, so we would highly recommend you to go for on-cycle support while cycling with this prohormone.

  • Methylstenbolone & Post Cycle Therapy (PCT)

A post cycle therapy is a must after cycling with this strong anabolic steroid. It helps you maintain your gains as well as your health. As you know, when we cycle on a steroid, our body stops producing hormones at their natural levels. PCT restores the body to its natural state and thus enables it to produce hormones at natural levels again. In this way, it normalizes your hormone levels and saves you from the nasty side effects that could otherwise occur. Going into more detail, it reduces the production of estrogen (the hormone that causes most of the trouble) and increases the production of testosterone (the hormone that lifts your mood, strengthens your heart, reduces body fat, and helps you gain muscle mass in your body).

If one avoids going through a PCT after cycling with is a prohormone, he puts himself at risk of losing this muscle mass gains. He may also experience side effects like low testosterone level, gynecomastia (enlarged breasts), loss of sex drive, and depression.

You surely don’t want to lose your gains or face any of the above-mentioned side effects, so make sure to go through a PCT after completing your cycle with Methylstenbolone.

  • Where to Buy M-Sten Online? Buy Methylstenbolone Online

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