Buy 25i-NBOMe online

Buy 25i-NBOMe online


Formula C18H22INO3
CAS number of substance 919797-19-6
Molar mass of the substance 427.28 g/mol
Purity of the preparation More 99%
Full chemical name 2-(4-iodo-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-N-[(2-methoxyphenyl)methyl]ethanamine
Other names 2C-I-NBOMe, Cimbi-5

Buy 25i-NBOMe online

Buy 25i-NBOMe online, a perfectly legal medication is a psychedelic drug that is part of the 2C family and can be easily confused with LSD. The effects of this drug are very intense, even with just a small dose, and can be used to produce a large number of doses by a very small amount. Check out 200-600 micrograms if you’re looking for an average dose, it should be more than enough to get a reaction. The 25i-NBOMe effects last between 6-10 hours and deliver a variety of different benefits. It gives a pleasant feeling of euphoria across your body when you buy 25i-NBOMe, psychedelic visuals just like those of the LSD, but slightly less serious.

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  • 25I-NBOMe blotters 500 µg – More information

25I-NBOMe (also known as 2C-I-NBOMeCimbi-5, and N-Bomb) is a novel psychedelic substance of the phenethylamine chemical class that produces an array of visually-dominant and stimulating psychedelic effects when administered.

The name 25I-NBOMe, which short-hand for 2C-I-NBOMe, is a derivative of the phenethylamine psychedelic 2C-I. It was first synthesized and documented in 2003 by Ralf Heim at the Free University of Berlin. It was further researched by a team at Purdue University led by David Nichols. It has been studied in its 11C radiolabelled form as a potential ligand for mapping the distribution of 5-HT2A receptors in the brain, using positron emission tomography (PET).

It is worth noting that compounds of the NBOMe family are not orally active and should be administered sublingually by placing and holding it into one’s mouth and allowing it to absorb over a period of 15-25 minutes.

Extremely little is known about the pharmacological properties, metabolism, and toxicity of 25I-NBOMe in humans. It had no history of human use before being sold online as a designer drug in 2010. It has been associated with many deaths and hospitalizations. Anecdotal reports suggest that this substance may be difficult to use safely due to its highly sensitive dose-response and unpredictable effects.

  • clinical data | Buy 25i-NBOMe online

Common names 25i-NBOMe, 25i, Cimbi-5
Substitutive name 2C-I-NBOMe
Systematic name 2-(4-Iodo-2,5-dimethoxyphenyl)-N-[(2-methoxyphenyl)methyl]ethanamine
Psychoactive class Psychedelic
Chemical class Phenethylamine
  • 25I-NBOMe dosage table

Dosage guideline
Threshold 50 – 200 µg
Light 200 – 500 µg
Common 500 – 700 µg
Strong 700+ µg
Heavy 25I-NBOMe can be fatal at heavy doses.[3]
  • 25I-NBOMe affect progress

Effect duration
Total 4 – 6 hours
Offset 120 – 180 minutes
After effects 1 – 7 days
  • Chemistry | Buy 25i-NBOMe online

25I-NBOMe or 2C-I-NBOMe is a serotonergic N-benzyl derivative of the substituted phenethylamine psychedelic known as 2C-I. 25I-NBOMe is a substituted phenethylamine with methoxy groups CH3O- attached to carbons R2 and R5 as well as an iodine atom attached to carbon R4. It differs from 2C-I structurally through a substitution on the amine (NH2) with a 2-methoxybenzyl (BOMe) group. 25I-NBOMe shares this 2-methoxybenzyl substitution with other chemicals of the NBOMe family. This NBOMe addition contains a methoxy ether CH3O- bound to a benzene ring at R2.

  • Toxicity | Buy 25i-NBOMe online

Short-term as well as long-term damage of NBOMes have been occasionally tied to serious physical and mental problems on seemingly random people, including memory and speech difficulties, heart problems, HPPD, and in some cases anxiety and PTSD, from particularly difficult experiences.

25I-NBOMe is a relatively new substance, and little is known about its pharmacological risks or its interaction with other substances. The LD50 has not yet been determined although it is potentially fatal at heavy dosages. PsychonautWiki advises that due to 25I-NBOMe’s extreme potency it should not be insufflated as this method of administration appears to have led to several deaths in the past year.

This substance came to media attention in early 2012 after a cluster of seven non-fatal overdoses with the drug were reported in or around Richmond, Virginia. As of May 2013, 25I-NBOMe has reportedly led to five overdose deaths in the United States. In June 2012, two teens in Grand Forks, North Dakota and East Grand Forks, Minnesota fatally overdosed on a substance that was allegedly 25I-NBOMe, resulting in lengthy sentences for two of the parties involved and a Federal indictment against the Texas-based online vendor.

A 21-year-old man from Little Rock, Arkansas died in October 2012 after taking a liquid drop of the drug nasally at a music festival. He was reported to have consumed caffeinated alcoholic beverages for “several hours” beforehand. It is unclear what other drugs he may have consumed, as autopsies usually do not test for the presence of research chemicals.

A man in Australia died from injuries sustained by running into trees and power poles while intoxicated by 25I-NBOMe.

A Brazilian 16-year-old died from an overdose in April 2016.

The addition of 5-HTP can greatly increase the effects of 25i-NBOME and should be avoided.

It is strongly recommended that one use of harm reduction practices when using this substance.

  • Tolerance

25I-NBOMe is not habit-forming and the desire to use it can actually decrease with use. It is most often self-regulating.

Tolerance to the effects of 25I-NBOMe is built almost immediately after ingestion. After that, it takes about 1 week for the tolerance to be reduced to half and 2 weeks to be back at baseline (in the absence of further consumption). 25I-NBOMe presents cross-tolerance with all psychedelics, meaning that after the consumption of 25I-NBOMe all psychedelics will have a reduced effect.

  • Overdose | Buy 25i-NBOMe online

Due to the very high potency and seemingly unpredictable effects, the margin between a normal and an overdose of NBOMe compounds is extremely small when compared to many other substances. The exact toxic dose is unclear since it seems to depend a lot on personal physiology, rather than predominantly dosage, but various anecdotal reports suggest dangerous side effects start to show up when exceeding 1000 μg and it possibly becoming lethal for the more sensitive people at roughly 2000 μg. Reports of other people surviving much higher doses, sometimes even without any major side effects have been documented as well. There is also the uncertainty of dosage on blotter paper since it is rather difficult to lay such an exact dosage. Insufflating, vaporizing, or drinking tinctures of this substance is highly discouraged because of this and has been tied to many documented deaths.

The overdose effects of NBOMes are typically a dangerously high heart rateblood pressurehyperthermia, and significant vasoconstriction also accompanied by confusiondelusionspanic attacks, aggressive behavior, numbness or pain, amnesia, and often seizures. The risks in an overdose include anything from organ failure to cardiac arrest and death. There are also multiple reports of people lethally injuring themselves or falling to death. Benzodiazepines or antipsychotics can help with the psychological effects during an overdose although medical attention should always be called in even a possible overdose of 25I-NBOMe.

































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