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Product Description
Product name : Dehydroepiandrosteron
Other name :   Dehydroepiandrosteron acetate (DHA); 5-Epiandroster-17-one acetate; DHE-A Acetate.
CAS register number :   53-43-0
Molecular formula  :  C21H30O3
Molecular weight :   330.4611
Assay   : Above 99.3%
Usage:  pharmaceutical material, a Steroid hormone, Anabolin. 1-DHEA is a prohormone to 1-Testosterone (dihydroboldenone). It is commonly sold under the brand name of “1-Andro” (1-Androsterone). 1-Andro is a non-17-aa prohormone requiring two steps in its conversion to 1-Test. Reduction of the 17-ketone functional group by 17b-HSD produces 1-Androstenediol while oxidation of the 3-hydroxyl group by 3a-HSD produces 1-Androstenedione. Both of these metabolites may have some intrinsic anabolic/androgenic properties, but it is their further conversion to 1-Testosterone that produces the anabolic muscle building effects seen from 1-Andro.1-Andro appears weak structurally. It requires two enzymatic conversions to become the target hormone 1-Testosterone.

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Throw in the fact that it is technically a “DHEA” molecule, and most would believe it to be a weak prohormone. However, a new study performed by West Texas A&M University shows otherwise.
9 males with an average of 5 years experience in resistance training and average body fat of 13% were given 330 mg of 1-Andro daily for 4 weeks while completing a structured resistance training program. Data was collected pre-cycle and post-cycle on lean mass, strength, lipids, and cardiac metabolic function. Studies like these are the holy grail of prohormone studies. They are very rare. When a study like this is performed on a prohormone, it is wise to Any diet measured in hours can’t be all that bad, right? Two days is all they’re asking for here, which can be planned around your weekend so you don’t have to try to while you’re on the go. take notice. These studies give better answers to the overly common questions of what kind of gains one can expect, what dose is best, and the degree of toxicity that comes from the prohormone.

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Results showed 1-Andro to be significantly more powerful than it would appear structurally. The 9 males gained an average lean mass of 10.4 lbs and an increase in strength of 92.2 lbs in total load on bench/squat/deadlift. These are significant gains from a prohormone. It is important to keep in mind that these results were seen from 330 mg of pure 1-Andro taken daily. The recommended dosages on the internet vary from 100-800 mg per day; obviously, 800 mg being excessive in retrospect to this study. It was interesting to note that cardiac metabolic function was negatively affected as evident by the increase in creatinine and aspartate transaminase (AST). Lipids were also negatively affected; an increase in LDL and a decrease in HDL was observed.

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