7-keto DHEA

7-keto DHEA




99% Raw DHEA Powder Series 7-Keto DHEA for 7-Keto DHEA CAS 566-19-8

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CAS: 566-19-8

Molecular Formula: C19H26O3

Molecular Weight: 304.43

Appearance: White powder



7-Keto-DHEA is a synthetic byproduct of DHEA, which is the most common natural steroid in the human

body. Unlike other types of steroids including DHEA, 7-Keto-DHEA does not interact with the body’s sex

hormones.7-Keto DHEA is a naturally occurring metabolite of DHEA. It is unable to metabolize into sex

hormones; however, it can, nevertheless, provide many of the same benefits of DHEA, but without its

associated side effects


  • Benefits of 7-Keto-DHEA | Pure 7-keto DHEA Powder online

#1 – Weight Loss
Studies have shown that 7-DHEA speeds up the body’s metabolism, helping boost the amount of fat

burned by active individuals. In one 8-week study, participants who took 100 mg supplements of 7-DHEA lost nearly three times as much weight as those who took a placebo.


  • #2 – Immune Boost | 7-DHEA For Sale

As you age past 30, your body’s natural DHEA levels begin to decline, bringing the strength of your

immune system down with it. Longevity researchers have been exploring DHEA supplements as a

means of safely counteracting this decline. So far, the results are promising. In a four-week study, it was found that men and women over the age of 65 who took 7-Keto-DHEA saw a significant decrease in immune suppressor cells and a remarkable increase in immune helper cells. In addition, the group saw an increase in white blood cells.


  • #3 – Cortisol Reduction | Buy 7-keto DHEA Online

Studies confirm that 7-Keto-DHEA supplements are very effective at ensuring proper cortisol balance in older adults who are generally at a higher risk of having dominant levels of the hormone.


  • #4 – Cholesterol Reduction

Researchers have known for quite some time that DHEA supplementation can decrease blood cholesterol levels. But it wasn’t until 2001 that DHEA has pinpointed as the most effective type of DHEA for this purpose thanks to a study conducted at the Institute of Endocrinology in the Czech Republic.

Serving Size 1 vegetarian capsule
Amount Per Serving
Vitamin C (as ascorbyl palmitate) 11 mg
7-Keto® DHEA (7-oxo-dehydroepiandrosterone-acetate) 100 mg
Curcumin Elite™ Proprietary CGM Blend 25 mg
providing 40% curcuminoids (10 mg) and 3% turmerones (0.75 mg) [from turmeric (rhizome)], 30% galactomannans (7.5 mg) [from fenugreek (seed)]
Green tea decaffeinated extract (leaf) [std. to 98% polyphenols] 25 mg
Trans-resveratrol [from Japanese knotweed (root) and grape (fruit) extracts] 1 mg
Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose (capsule), vegetable stearate, silica.


7-Keto® brand is a registered trademark of InterHealth N.I. U.S. Patent 7,199,116.

Dosage and Use
  • Take one (1) capsule upon waking and one (1) capsule before midday meal, preferably on an empty stomach, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.
  • Do not purchase if the outer seal is broken or damaged.
  • When using nutritional supplements, please consult with your physician if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition or if you are pregnant or lactating.

To report a serious adverse event or obtain product information,

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