Looking for personal experiences with 4f-MDMB-BICA (4f-MDMB-2201)

I’m looking for personal experiences you guys have had with 4f-MDMB-BICA. Write out as detailed of a trip report as you can, because I’m interested in trying it but can’t find many actual reports on it other than people saying it’s strong.

What is the high like? Is it couch-locking sedation or does it have the trippy head-space sort of like 5f-ADB?

How is the duration? Is it a short-lived 45 minute high or is it a longer lasting 60-90 min buzz?

How does the high compare to that of THC? I know this noid is potent, but in terms of effects (come-up, peak, come-down) does it remind you of weed at any point?

I’m not inexperienced, I’ve done my research, and I know a fair-bit about the pharmacology of noids, the chemistry of them, and all the text-book shit. I’m looking for PERSONAL EXPERIENCES and PERSONAL ANECDOTES.

I am NOT looking for people to tell me “stay away” or “noids bad!”.

Edit: In terms of potency how would you guys relate it to MDMB-4en-PINACA (5Cl-ADB-A) or 5f-ADB?

And how is it in terms of psychosis? Is it like 5f-ADB in how quick it can turn from a fun happy time to a scary psychosis time?

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