is better to mix with the “real” cannabis herb?

hi guys in my country marijuana is illegal. However it is extremely easy and cheap to find, for us it is 5 $ (Almost 1 $ American dollar/ gram, and the fake herb noids is 10$ dolars).
My point is, as noids are just THCx, smoking an herb before and noids can give you less paranoia and bad trip?

Here marijuana does not arrive in the most beautiful form. It arrives pressed, like a thick block of wood or brick
from neighboring countries. 1kilo.
It looks strange and stinky. However, depending the street traffic point, it is possible to get pressed with high notes of lemon scent (I only smoke quality that is pressed green).

@edit 24hours later
– for me:
I felt better effects mixing instead of sober
it became more controllable … anyway, I liked it better this way.
Noids I only take 3 puffs. Reminds me of the first times with weed.
>my tolerance is: 20 grams / 2 weeks for 3 years
>>my fear was mixing it causes an overdose

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