Intellectual Muscle Laboratory | Making/Mixing your own Sarms/Research Chems

I thought I might as well showcase some of the things I quite frequently do viz. Mixing my own compounds and such. The mixing is almost NEVER the problem.
The problem if ever lies in the source for all of your raws.

If I were to get the same compounds whether sarms, or research chems or hair loss meds or WHATEVER from a regular market supplier here in the west (forget from the Pharmacy) the same 150mgs of compound costs about $50 USD.
If I get and mix the same at home by myself, 1000 mgs of the Compound costs 100 USD.

I’m going to say it’s most DEFINITELY worth it depending on what it is that you are mixing up!

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DISCLAIMER: Everything in the video is just an EXAMPLE, I’m just using sugar and water for this illustration purposes.

00:00 Intro
00:45 What Are We Cooking Today?
01:55 Ingredients
07:06 Inside The Lab
08:41 Essentials You Need
10:14 My Offer

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