i think i fucked up

So since 10 days i am going again wild on MDMB-4en-PINACA i do consume it non-stop i wake up in the morning i take a rip because it makes food so tasty then after breakfast i take another one because it makes nature cool when i go for a walk with my dog. i think u get it always fits into your daily life because it’s more lucid and subtle then weed imo. i can force my self to make pauses the longest i got where around 5 days without then i go back and use for 10-20 days some episodes as intense as it is right now sometimes only 1-2 puffs a day like for a movie then i can stop. i make these pauses in between to somehow reduce the strain i put on my body. And it really helps with side effects etc and really after day 3 i have no obvious craving anymore but really i have no intention to stop because as i said these are pauses
i know at some point i will do it again. am i okay ?

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