I almost died because of 4f-mdmb-binaca

I’m going to tell you the story of the time I ended up being bring back to life in a hospital because a RC site sent me the wrong drug.

At that time I was addicted to ODSMT. Consuming up to 1.5g per day every day for a few months. This was during covid lockdown. I used to order really large amount of ODSMT but after becoming fully addictive (waking up in the morning was really physically painful until I drank my ODSMT) I decided it was enough and went to see a doctor to get a treatment. I got buprenorphine and could stop using ODSMT without much pain. A few months after I stopped I decided to order ODSMT again but only 1g just for a weekend. I was supper excited waiting for the delivery. Once it arrived I noticed it didn’t look and smell like usual. It also wasn’t water soluble like before. I’m always extremely careful with drug in general but this time I wanted to get high so bad that I immediately took 300mg of this powder orally. It wasn’t ODSMT, it was 4f-mdmb-binaca as I learned later thanks to the lab of the hospital and a sample of my hair.

The trip :
After only a few minutes my heart started to pump really fast, I immediately knew I did a big mistake and it wasn’t ODSMT. My vision started to be very blurry and I developed the worst paranoia ever. I decided to go take a shower and started to be worried that someone was coming to get my organs and sell them. As the paranoia was growing I went in my bed and clothed the windows. At that moment I started to hear a voice telling me to kill myself and all the way I could do it right now in my room. I was battling against it as hard as I could. At that moment my gf of that time called me because I was saying weird things by text to her. She saw how I was and called my father who was working at house on the floor below my room. He saw me, yelled at me for being stoned again and told me to sleep. I couldn’t talk. After that the voice I was hearing before started to materialize as a very dark humanoid in front of me. I drifted out of reality with this entity. I was in a completely dark place, full naked, with this things showing me all the bad things who happened in my life yelling at me to kill myself. At that moment I was sure to be dead. I literally saw my whole life before my eyes and talked to what I thought to be God (my parents are atheist and I was raised as an atheist). This time “god” show me all the good stuff in my life and all the things I was ruining with my bad drugs habit. He showed me what I will be missing if I die and how my life was actually beautiful. During that time my father came again to watch me and saw me convulsing on my bed. Called the firefighter (we call them in France in case of emergency like this) They bring me to the hospital while placing needles under my nails to try and keep me awake. I have almost no memory of this except the pain of the needle. My father told me I was laughing like a maniac, shaking my all body, convulsing. I woke up the next day in the hospital after 12 hours in a coma (not artificial) and a few minutes of my heart stopping during the trip a nurse came to me and told me it was a pure miracle that I was alive with no sequels. After a few day in the hospital I could go back home but for a few day I had the feeling that everything was fake that I was just living in my head and was actually dead.

Today after some times I realized this is the best thing that happened to me because it made me a 100 times better person than I was. It made me realize all the things I had to change in my life and I did. Also I believe in a God above us now. Not like Christian Muslim or anything like that. Just some sort of entity above us how saved me and gave me one more chance.
Love you all and take care of you guys. Life is beautiful.

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