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Research chemicals are for RESEARCH/LABORATORY USE ONLY and are NEVER to be consumed or in any way handled by humans unless under the supervision of a medical professional. Research Chemicals can be used in research in a licensed research facility. These chemicals may cause bodily harm and are NOT intended for human cosmetic use, as food additive, skin cream, not to be swallowed, plugged, insufflated, vaporized, smoked, snorted, pinned, banged, or used as a sexual aid.
Please consult your Doctor, chiropractor, midwife, physiotherapist, local magistrate and police officer before making any changes in your diet, exercise plan, supplements you take, friends you hang with, way you take to work or place used for urination. Because as any disclaimer blatantly proclaims, we are far to ignorant to make decisions without these people and the nanny state first holding our proverbial hand.
No information given should be considered as advice. Only your licensed dope dealer (doctor/pharmacist) could possibly be smart enough to tell you what to do and as so you must have your medical professionals’ consent to take or use any chemical that has not been evaluated by an alphabet agency such as but not limited to ATF, DEA, NAACP, FEMA, GOP, DNC, PETA.
ANY misuse of these chemicals will result in the researcher retaining full responsibility and ownership of any negative or positive, benefit/harm, results/side effects.
These chemicals are NOT drugs and are not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent or cause/cure any disease, disorder or mental state. They are not covered by your homeowner’s insurance and have not been evaluated by the FDA, NBC, CNN, ALFA, or the DNC and are not approved by your mother in law.
If you are aware of any misuse of these chemicals there is nothing you or I can do so let the chips fall where they may or feel free to call Robert Tauler. This is the USA the freest nation on earth some will do things that you don’t agree with if you don’t like it join the crowd of adults that hate religion for its brutality, lack of religion for its savagery, music for its content, the youth for their beauty, the old for their money, the government for its control, the lack of government for its anarchy, the rich for their power or the poor for their free time. Its o.k. to not agree! Provided we allow freedom to prevail for the next in power will be that which you hate, and they may pay it forward judging you as they were judged by you.
Continuing to watch this video, purchase product, listen to this pod cast you assert that you are sane, not a lawyer or associated with the FDA, ATF, ABC, CNN, CBS, NRA, NAACP, DNC, DEA and do not know my mother. All viewers/purchasers CLAIM NO LIABILITY to NEWROIDS its; owners, partners, affiliates, salesmen, manufacturers, distributors or friends.

None of these statements, insinuations, words, ink, voice or video content, bottles, cotton balls or gel caps can be used against me in court of law.
Now the lawyers are happy
Because government is not worthy
Providing researchers with there materials for research purposes so we can make the world a better place despite the monopoly of the dope dealers that withhold proven cures and fill the world with toxic dope keeping men fragile, women emotional wrecks, keeping people confused, kids drugged and professing to be the saviours of men all while admitting they kill over 250,000+ Americans per year.
Here is what you need to do your research on products of the future for the enhancement of men. So do your part to participate in the research of what is to come so we do not have to rely on those who admit to killing us in mass but instead can research the futures human advancement products not waiting on the research of those bought and paid for by the makers of the products they test.





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