Dosage question for someone with 0 tollerance with noids or THC. I quit for 6 months or alittle bit longer.

Hey everyone!

I have a 50ml 3mg (nicotine) E-Liquid which I used and measered it has around 1/3 in it now and a 10ml C-liquid (which **5F-MDMB-2201** and is really strong if I have to believe the reviews (last order I ordered from them was a blend and also really strong (I smoked the smallest speck possible because even though I can’t do math i’m not stupid & if I weren’t such an experienced drug user I could have had a full blown panic attack that’s how strong it was but it went anway in an hour and after that I had a great high) so I believe that this shit is strong. I have ADHD and I couldn’t wait so I said fuck it and tried a mini puff which I felt but nothing strong. I could just go fuck it and try to go for a mega inhale or I could ask you guys what’s the best way to dose. I’ve always had trouble with math even though even if I don’t believe i’m a stupid kid but I don’t feel bad asking people to help if it comes to math so I have a good time. What should I do? But the 10ml bottle into the 50ml shake it up and take mini hits? That’s what I was planning to do but I thought it would be a better idea to ask you guys first before I need to “waist” another Etizolam because I feel lke I can do everythin myself while there are so many people ready to help you have a good common?

Take care brothers! (and sisters)

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