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Guidelines to add IEEE Citations for Video and Image - 2021




If you are a college student then you have probably heard a lot about citations.


In fact, I bet that you can't stop hearing about it. Citation this and citation that.


You see, the problem is that citations are important. Very much so. This is why your professors can’t stop talking about them. And they want you to learn something.


Well, today you will. I am here to give you some much-needed essay help with citations. And not just any citation. I have picked the hardest one and we are gonna talk about the IEEE format.


Specifically, we are discussing citing videos and pictures.


So, have a look.


Tip #1: Try Citation Generators


This is the easiest option for you. As an essay writing service, you will need a lot of citations and it will take up a lot of time. So, just use an online citation generator for the IEEE format.


The thing is that it is rather hard to find one for the IEEE style so you will have to search a lot.


Tip #2: Look for Online Templates


In case you can’t find a citation generator then look for a template online. This template will tell you all about what information goes in the citation.


And where it goes. And how to write it. And all that.


Everything you need to know will be written in that template. Also, you can use samples as well.


Tip #3: Note Down Important Information


If you have a template then you know that you will need to pick up important information from the text and then make your own citation.


So, note down details like the name of the artist of the picture or the director of the video, the title that was given to it, or the date on which it was released.


Tip #4: Use This Template


If you can’t find any template then I have a very basic template for you that only contains the most essential details.


Check it out.


  • [1]Author initial. Author surname, title. Year published.


Note the placement of the comma and the full stops because this is exactly how they will be placed in your citation. Ok?


Tip #5: Use Numbering


Note the “[1]” above.


Yeah, what is that?


That would be the in-text citation. In your text, you will place this number when you refer to the picture or video.


Then, in the references, you will place this number with reference to the picture or video like I have done above. Exactly like I have done above. Got it?


Tip #6: List Material Type


When it comes to videos, thighs get a little bit more complicated. In the IEEE citation format, you can list a lot of things with a video. What kind of things?


Like the edition number, place of production, and the material type.


Material type can be either DVD, YouTube video, or streaming video. You need to mention this after the year of production.


Tip #7: Know the Difference 


So, citing a video is not the same as citing a picture.


I have told you about the basic things that you need to enter in Tip #4. Without these details, your citation won’t be complete.


But, you can add other details if you have them.


You can add the date of accession and the link to the picture/video. It’s up to you.


So, you understand citations now?


IEEE format can be a tough cookie to crack but you know the basic dos and don’ts now.


If you think that you can handle it then go ahead. But if not then get some help. There is no shame in it and you will save a lot of time.


Contact a college essay writing service so that you can understand how to write in the IEEE style.






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