Chm-sgt-151 afterglow to long (need advice)

Chm-sgt-151 main effects last for about 5h and then I have a afterglow in wich I’m in a nonfunctional state for 30h+. Its impossible to smoke it after work to calm down and go to work the next day functional enough to work. Is this the case with every noid? Are there short lasting ones that don’t have that nasty afterglow. I know length of effect can effect compulsive redosing but I’m in control of that stuff. A comment on a another post of mine said he smokes it every night at 8 for a few hours and doesn’t develop dependecy. I can’t imaging that would work with the chm-sgt-151 I have. What are some alternatives on the market rn. Thx

Edit: probably just searching for a shorter lasting noid. I ordered chm as my first becouse eve rave said it’s the safest of the new ones. Now that I’m familiar with noids in looking for a shirt one that suits me

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