Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

Green tea benefits both physical and mental health for people looking to improve their lifestyle and general fitness. In Britain, green tea is virtually unheard of by much of the population; however a select few are already enjoying the wide range of benefits gained switching from the traditional ‘English cuppa’ of black tea and milk, to the medicinal properties of its more Eastern counterpart, green tea.

Much research was initially carried out in Asia, but spread to the West for finding out specific advantages to drinking green tea, and the claims of improved health that many in the East had sworn by this particular drink. During the 1990’s, research in China studied both men and women drinkers of green tea, which concluded they had up to a sixty percent reduction in the chance that they would carry oesophageal cancer.

Later research found out that green tea actually carries antioxidants that help diminish the risk of cancer in a person, due to a compound existing only in green tea that inhibits cancer cells growing in the body. Green tea is also found to have benefits in the body’s cholesterol level. Research indicates overall cholesterol levels are lowered due to drinking green tea, along with improving the ratio of ‘good’ to ‘bad’ cholesterol in the body. Aside from the obvious benefit of reduced cancer risk, many other health benefits can be obtained from drinking green tea such as rheumatoid arthritis, an often crippling condition occurring mainly in older peoples that causes bones to ‘grind’ due to a reduction in cartilage, protecting the joints and muscle around it.

High cholesterol levels as mentioned earlier also can be reduced by drinking green tea. Certain chemical compounds in the green tea extract allow the body to dissolve and remove much of the bad (HDL) cholesterol that can clog heart valves and cause breathing difficulties, not to mention a wide variety of other cardiovascular and general physical fitness issues. This reduction in cholesterol will result in a much healthier heart and muscle function. Good cholesterol also exists within the body, which has important functions such as energy storage. A regular drinker of green tea will experience a shift in the ratio of this good cholesterol to benefit them, while reducing the amount of bad cholesterol in the body.

Cardiovascular disease is also a reduced risk, as this is most commonly found in those with high cholesterol, as a result of antioxidants in green tea the chance of a person catching this disease is reduced significantly. Aside from these major health benefits, the general chance of infection from exposed areas of the body to simple coughs and cold viruses is also reduced, giving an all round healthy physical and mental body from drinking green tea. The immune system is also strengthened from chemicals found in green tea, and those with an impaired immune function will benefit from using the extract and switching from black tea.

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