A Whole Year of Saving Tips – 52 Tips on Saving Money.

As it is the start of a New Year, why not come up with a saving tip for each week of 2011? Enjoy!
1. Always ask retail staff if there is a charge for using credit cards? If so, pull out the cold hard cash!

2. Fill out warranty cards on all purchased items, just in case you need to send it for repairs.

3. Write a list before supermarket shopping. Do not let impulse items sneak into your trolley.

4. Eat before you hit the stores. You can easily spend additional money on takeaway if you are hungry.

5. Use a microfibre cloth for cleaning. They are completely washable and in most cases you don’t need costly chemicals.

6. Ask for discounts when purchasing stuff over $100. You would be surprised at what retail store staff can offer you.

7. Clean out your car, get rid of extra items you do not need. Each extra kilo of weight in the car makes your car chew petrol quicker.





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8. Take a day this week to check around your home for items you can sell on eBay. Turn them into cash.

9. Skip the expensive store bought coffee. Make it yourself at home or at work for next to nothing.

10. Start keeping a drawer of takeaway coupons. Never pay full price on takeaway night again.

11. It’s time to check your utility costs. Can you switch your gas, electricity or phone for a better deal?

12. Forget about extended warranties on goods. These so-called warranties generally cover very little.

13. Do you really need that monthly magazine? Is the information not on the Internet? Save the money.

14. One night a week eat vegetarian. Your wallet/purse will thank you for it.

15. Drive a little bit below the speed limit. The slower you drive the less fuel you use, simple.

16. Looking for a present? Do a search for a second’s outlet that sell brands at big discounts on last year’s stock.

17. Don’t listen to stock tips from your family. Nine times out of ten they have no idea what they are talking about.

18. Put on warmer clothes in the winter. Forget about turning up the heater.

19. Find a cheaper hairdresser. A saving of even $5 a cut can add up over 3 to 4 years.

20. Smoking leads to bad health and to higher costs each week. If you can’t give up, cut back.

21. Pay your bills when they come in the post. Putting bills off often leads to late fees.

22. Forget that fancy shampoo & conditioner, buy a bottle of the cheap stuff. You might be surprised.

23. Join a library, great books and DVDs and the price is right.

24. Change your home loan to a weekly payment rather than monthly. You will make one additional payment a year.

25. Why are you still buying newspapers? You can get all this information on the Internet.

26. Start emailing instead of calling or writing a letter… it’s quicker.

27. You are not going to win the lotto. The odds are 45 million to 1. Stop buying tickets. Keep the money.

28. Turn down your water heater’s heat. Every extra degree is more money out of your pocket.

29. Go generic. Why are you still purchasing branded drugs? Go generic and save on the same items.

30. Just like people, cars need a wash. Do you wash yours too often? Why not space out the time between washes.

31. Do you need a new couch? How about getting your old couch reupholstered. Looks great and saves money.

32. Second hand stores have heaps of hidden bargains. You would be surprised at what you can find there.

33. Why not pay your bills via phone instead of driving all the way down to the post office. It saves time and money.

34. Kids love toys. But how many can they play with at any one time. Cut back on gifts for your kids.

35. When you get fuel. Don’t get sucked into an impulse snack item.

36. Instead of going to the movies rent a video for the family to watch… $4 versus $40 plus.

37. Don’t buy a whole music album. Jump onto iTunes and just purchase the one song you want to listen to.

38. There are 100s of ways to get exercise rather than joining a gym. Put on your thinking cap and get healthy.

39. Use your shopping receipts to get your fuel discount; it all adds up.

40. How about buying rechargeable batteries. They are more expensive upfront but save you in the long run.

41. Learn the fruit and vegetable seasons. Buying any food out of season will mean higher prices.

42. How about this week you have an alcohol free week?

43. Call up your family members and suggest a secret Santa; more money in your pocket and theirs.

44. Learn one cheap recipe. Now include this recipe each and every month at least once going forward.

45. Why are you still buying lunch? Start making it yourself and watch your bank balance grow.

46. Stop sending useless, expensive text messages.

47. Get organised with your taxes. Start keeping all your deductions in one place. Get a good return quickly.

48. Search Google for some great money saving tips!

49. Looking to buy a big ticket item. Do your research on prices. You would be surprised by how much you
can save.

50. Instead of taking the kids bowling or to the movies. Take them to a local sport’s game and have a picnic.

51. Do you really need any more clothes? Go into your wardrobe; you might be surprised at what you have.

52. Refill your ink cartridges. Forget about buying new ones; you will save big dollars.

Hope you enjoyed the 52 money saving ideas.

Source by Adam Goulding


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