5F-MDMB withdrawals?

I bought some “DMT e-juice” and smoke it every night for over 3 months. Recently, one of my friends told me: “Hey! I heard that it’s actually 5F-MDMB-2201! Stop smoking it!”.

So I googled and found it is a synthetic cannabinoid. No evidence, but I decide to stop for a while to see what will happen.

It has been a week now, my symptoms are like:

Can’t sleep well, hard to fall asleep and wake up after 3-4 hours of sleeping.

Almost constant slight headaches and tired feeling even I used benzos to force myself sleep more than 6 hours, like I’ve got a cold 24/365.

I have appetite and able to eat, but sometimes feel nausea and want to puke after eating.

I’m not sure what actually that e-juice is, perhaps I just coincidentally got a flu or something else. Are these symptoms correspond to 5F-MDMB withdrawals?

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